Joseph Pearson

Joseph is a trained primary and secondary teacher; an experienced corporate trainer; a digital learning leader in primary education; and an experienced consultant with experience developing competency assessment tools for use in TAFE and University education.

His qualifications include a Masters of Teaching [Deakin University]; a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology & Humanities) [Monash University]; and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Joseph has a depth of experience in the developing assessment tools in the education and training sectors. Working with the Community and Health Services Industry Training Board, Joseph acted as co-consultant, to assist in developing and piloting a Clinical Assessment Tool for students undertaking Certificate IV- Nursing & Diploma of Nursing in Victoria. The tool has since be purchased by Health Workforce Australia who are adapting it for use across Australia.

Joseph has extensive experience as a digital learning leader in schools, including ICT administration and developing school wide digital learning approaches. As a specialist in cloud services, Joseph has driven cutting edge innovation in education, overseeing the adoption of virtual private servers in primary schools, brought programming into primary classroom and developed multiple education websites which provide invaluable resources to teachers and parents. He has driven the uptake of Google Apps for Education, facilitated the roll-out of Google Chromebooks and managed school-wide networks which include iPads, Android tablet, Apple Macs and Windows devices.

Joseph’s has combined his expertise in assessment with his experience with statistical analysis to drive educational innovation and quality teaching through in-depth analysis of school-wide data, including analysis of student growth and identification of emerging learning trends. A specialist in the use and interpretation of standardized and criterion-referenced assessment tools. Joseph can assist schools in developing valid and reliable assessment strategies in English, Mathematics, Science and Wellbeing.