Implementing Algorithms using Micro:Bits: Cheap, Easy, Fun

Have you begun exploring the Technologies curriculum but aren’t quite sure how to move to a clear sequence of learning?
Are you looking for hands on ways to get your students bringing their ideas to life?
Are you looking for something affordable and scalable?

Then you need to find out more about creating engaging Technologies learning using Micro:Bits


Access via link:

Check out the Slide Deck for more information on how you can explore algorithm implementation with your students and build you own understanding of using basic micro controllers.


MakeCode – Visual block based IDE for Micro:Bit :
EduBlocks – Python based Visual Block and text based IDE for Micro:Bit:
MicroPython – Python based IDE for Micro:Bit:
Scratch 3.0 beta – ‘ Add package ‘: 

Simone Giertz – Youtube Inventor ***LANGUAGE WARNING*** : 


Micro:Bit – Voting Sytem – Radio remote reset: